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My pet project!

So I want to produce a remote weather station using off the shelf technology, so after a look around I purchased a WH3081 a number of months ago. The thing that finally decided it for me was that it was … Continue reading

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Pogoplug :: adding crond

So need to have crond running of my pogoplug, found a couple of useful links but all expected another part to be done! so here’s the list assuming that your usb drive had mounted at mnt_sda1 most likely if it’s … Continue reading

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SAPUI5 => SAP HMTL5 CSS3 JavaScript

Ok just downloaded the SAPUI5, installed it on my mac and did a bit of looking around! jQuery and a number of versions… ? why not sure yet but more on that later. First looks yeah nice, looks like a … Continue reading

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Catch up day :)

Well after a long time I’d got some time to go through my blog and actually do some admin. Having written content yet not published it have a huge backlog going back 2yrs, ouch

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Favourite JavaScript libraries

So it’s been a long time writing JavaScript, from my earliest dabbling in the Netscape browser, at the same time Netscape had a web server product which also had Server side JavaScript, wrote pages with that, then used the classic … Continue reading

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