A little bundle of possibilities….

Ok so I might be a bit slow but after wandering around and looking at various ‘lite’ web servers, I had settled with Nginx, or Lighttpd.

But! after accidentally typing ‘httpd’ at the command line of my PogoPlug, I found out that BusyBox had a minimum HTTP daemon. Nice with a little more searching I came across ‘Haserl’ which allows you to write CGI scripts using the command shell. Now for me this solves my issues of putting a web server on my PogoPlug and not trashing the facilities of the PogoPlug.

So my additions to the PogoPlug have been the following;

  • making mtdblock3 jsff2 formated and mounted as /opt
  • installing optware package management tool
  • installing ‘Haserl’

By creating a directory on one of the external drives then mapping that as the httpd root directory I can seen the web server via http and also make changes to the files via the PogoPlug web interface.

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