configuring BusyBox httpd

So PogoPlug now has all the requirements just now need to configure the httpd in BusyBox and we’re away, well almost!

If we set the httpd to run on port 80 the wonderful features of the PogoPlug go so we must use port 8080 as our web server port. The next is that I want to have access to the files so I can upload them via the interface.

  1. So via your interface add a folder on you USB drive wwwroot
  2. enter the  wwwroot folder and create two folders cgi-data and www
  3. enter the www folder and create a cgi-bin folder

All done with that part painless really ;) and you should put an index.htm page in the www folder so you can see something later!

Next log in via SSH and a enter the following ‘/usr/sbin/httpd -p 8080 -h /tmp/.cemnt/mnt_sda1/www ’

So now if you have a fixed IP Address like me just enter it and add :8080 at the end and away you go!

Not got a fixed IP address? :( right you need to look at your router admin pages to see if it has the ability to run a ‘Dynamic DNS’ service.

Then same thing ‘


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