Favourite JavaScript libraries

So it’s been a long time writing JavaScript, from my earliest dabbling in the Netscape browser, at the same time Netscape had a web server product which also had Server side JavaScript, wrote pages with that, then used the classic ASP pages but again only wrote in JavaScript. My logic was that why should I write in different languages server side and client side? Then along came BroadVision and again writing in Server side JavaScript, solved a lot of issues with that product!

Over all these years my love for this language has been strong, what always made me pull my hair out used to be the differences between the browsers. Which basically created the bad reputation of this language.

I find it very strange why people try to put classes into a functional based language, why fight the language and the way it works?

Anyway I digress, my favourite libraries are jQuery and Underscore. To add to these there are a few snippets from myself, and looking at apps/single page web apps undecided between Ember.js and Backbone.js.

Currently to fix the browser issues using Modernizr this is almost like a lot of my snippets to fix problems.

More thoughts…

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