My pet project!

So I want to produce a remote weather station using off the shelf technology, so after a look around I purchased a WH3081 a number of months ago. The thing that finally decided it for me was that it was solar powered and rechargeable battery life is expected at 2yrs, and it’s wireless, and the base station has a USB port. I know the list is long ;)

So comments on the weather station, think it’s based on the Dallas one wire weather station design. Would be nice to know, from the manufacturer who I’ve emailed. If assembled as per instruction way too much cable, going to have to revived an old skill and lace it all properly. Connection and configuration really easy, and even in my cottage with 2ft think walls the time clock signal worked :)

So off the shelf free software and I ended up with pywws (I really meant off the shelf, no compiling!). A few round the houses and I ended up with working, and a connection to Weather Underground -


More later …

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